Monday, July 9, 2007

Blue Drink Strikes Again

It all starts out harmlessly enough... perfectly sane adults, out for a little fun without the rugrats... then some form of mysterious blue drink or another makes an appearance and its all down hill. I love how hoards of sticky notes were brought on this outing in anticipation of many witty quotes being recorded, I really did not think it was possible to be more intoxicated than we all were on my birthday, but the sticky notes don't lie. Birthday sticky notes: funny and clever. Bluegrass night sticky notes: COMPLETELY ILLEGIBLE, cryptic and a bit scary! Of course, it is hard to write when the pen is stuck in someone's ear. And there was important frog business to attend to. And of course you can only make fun of worshiping the porcelain goddess so much. And we had to move on to vodka shots and ridiculous fights over making beds... embarrassing people. I totally call a redo, we can be soooo much better drunks than this!

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Supreme Ruler of MY Universe said...

Well there you have it our Sista Saturday. And for the record, I'm sure my sticky note said something about wombats!