Wednesday, February 25, 2009

OMG, ok, ok I'll post

OMG, I give my sister the link to my blog and now she's harassing me about updating!!!!! Ack, ack! Okay so I do have some stuff to be giddy about.

First, Hancocks-Paducah was having a HUGE sale and I found the following fabric, dirt cheap.
Anna Maria Horner Garden Party. I'm going to venture into the realm of making clothing. This will become Amy Butler's Cabo Halter. How cute is this going to be for the summer?! OMG I'm dying here. The pattern is on back order, can you hear me hyperventilating......
Kitty Yoshida City Blooms. I got this too. Not as dirty cheap, but an awesome deal none the less. If the halter goes well, this is going to be made into Betsy Ross's Charmed Dress to wear to a wedding I might be attending in May. Again, can you hear me hyperventilating.......

Then last week I went to my Evening Bee Group to demo the BeJeweler and sew. I pieced and quilted the fabric for my next two frogs out of Kitty Yoshida City Girl and a random green from JoAnns. I need some buttons for eyes and to actually cut out the frogs. One for me and one for a mystery person.
And then this past weekend, me, my IPOD, and my sewing machine spent some time together. I quilted the Chocolat Rose Creme Quilt. I've name it that cause of the colors and frankly thought of it while I watch the movie Chocolat recently. And now I'll think of Johnny Depp everytime I look at it.......sigh.
I have one side of the binding on. I'm hoping to finish one night this week. I'll have a full size pic when it's done.

And finally, here's my Little Love in her favorite morning spot.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've been busy

Ok so since I last posted I have had boo-koo guilt about not knitting or sewing. So I've been making up for it. No pictures yet, but I knitted yesterday for about 2 hours and quilted today (almost done with Chocolat Rose Creme). Stay tomorrow....I promise.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I swear I wasn't abducted by aliens it true February is over halfway over?! Yessirree bobby. Ok, well not much going on around here other than the usual day to day stuff. I did get some sewing in yesterday, but not much progress. My knitting addiction has stalled. And my treadmill is broken. Ack ack! Oh and we got a ton of new Wii games. But I thought I let the blog world in on an update, 19.5 lbs lost so far! Whoo Hoo!

And I thought I'd share some photos from the Aquarium overnight. Like the wonderful mother I am I forgot my camera so thanks to the other mothers for filling my gap.
The Munchkins at the Tropical Fish Exhibit. The oldest naturally doing her best "Witness Protection" pose and the Youngest playing Nemo.
These were our sleeping arrangements. Yes, I did think about the several tons of water above me and the giant fish and whale sharks overhead. Nothing says,"Good Morning" like a giant Grouper staring at you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello, my name is Dottie.

Hello, my name is Dottie. I'm highjacking this blog to introduce myself and tell y'all a little about myself. First, I was born a small tadpole in the Okefenokee swamp. Naturally because of my bright coloring I didn't always fit in, but I knew I was destined for bigger things. When I got old enough I headed to Las Vegas. I always did like the bright lights and big cities. I quickly secured a position as a Vegas Showgirl. (You'd be surprised at the demand for colorful frogs with rhythm in Vegas). I had a great pad out in the Bellagio fountain pool, talk about the view. After a few years of hoofing it, I quit the dancing biz and dealt Black Jack for a few months. But the call of a slower and easier lifestyle beckoned, and I missed the South. So I headed back to Georgia, and here I am.
There are alot of things about my Vegas past that I'd prefer not to discuss. Let's just say if you happen upon some compromising photos of me on YouTube, that was a very difficult time for me. And I have partied with some of the famous. I guess I'm most asked about Hugh Heffner. And all I'll say about that is, I've met alot of frogs in my day, but he's a real toad!

Y'all take care and have a great Monday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Being a mommy has its perks....

My youngest Munchkin is a 2nd year Brownie (I'm Cookie Mom) and her troop decided to take part of the proceeds from their Cookie Sales last year and go and spend the night at the GA Aquarium. So when her troop leader asked if I would like to go along and help, I jumped at the chance. I was even able to get my oldest Munchkin an invitation.

First let me say this was a very special event. We got a full behind scenes tour. We had a fabulous guide, Grant, who was our troop's guide for the whole night (3pm-10pm). I got to spend a few minutes talking in depth to the two Biologists who take care of the Beluga Whales. We got to go above the gigantic tanks and look down on the unbelievable Whale Sharks, Manta Rays (6-7 feet across) and various sharks. We walked through the Titanic Aquatic Experience by ourselves, no shoving pushing noisy crowds. And once the private party in the atrium ended, Grant took us through each of the galleries and told us trivia and details you just don't get walking through yourself. Not to mention, um hello, 13 girls, 6 women, and a Grant walking through the Aquarium galleries with no one else, like they had just opened the place for us. In reality it was Girl Scout night so there were about 100 girls there, but we were the only ones in the galleries. I don't know how Grant scored that for us but it was very special. When it came time for the announcement of where each group would sleep, we got a phenomenal surprise. We slept in the tunnel that goes through the largest tank with the Mantas, Sting rays, Whale Sharks, and thousands of other fish. My Munchkins and I fell asleep watching the fishes swim above us. We really,"slept with the fishes."

So today I'm REALLY tired. We're all REALLY tired. Naturally, the oldest had an asthma cough attack, so she and I were up and down all night. And we slept on mats on the floor. But honestly, watching my girls see all those awesome things makes it worth it. Me, being able to see all the things I saw makes it worth it.

Being a Mommy has it's perks!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm doing my Friday dance, are you?

Da d'dot da, da d'dot, da d'dot da, da d'dot! Now everybody sing along and get up and dance!

Yes, I'm being silly, but it's FRIDAY! And if you've been reading my blog for very long you know how much I LOVE FRIDAYS!

So here's what the critters are up to today (not that I blame them)!
One more of Evey saying,"Really, must you interupt my nap with that noisy camera? Really?"
What I'm up to.
I'm a doodler. Always have been. I've doodled these shapes alot recently. I did this while I should be crunching database numbers, boo!

What I'd rather be up to.
I really want to finish my sister's frog today....bejewel and stuff. I'll admit I've been listening to music while I work. But it's not the same as listening to music while you sew.

On the New Year's ReVolutions front,
  • I've lost a total of 16 lbs since January 1st
  • I've walked on the treadmill at least 4 times a week, except last week when I was sick and only got 3 times
  • The rest I'm still working on
How's everyone else doing with their New Year's ReVolutions?