Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I swear I wasn't abducted by aliens

Ahem....is it true February is over halfway over?! Yessirree bobby. Ok, well not much going on around here other than the usual day to day stuff. I did get some sewing in yesterday, but not much progress. My knitting addiction has stalled. And my treadmill is broken. Ack ack! Oh and we got a ton of new Wii games. But I thought I let the blog world in on an update, 19.5 lbs lost so far! Whoo Hoo!

And I thought I'd share some photos from the Aquarium overnight. Like the wonderful mother I am I forgot my camera so thanks to the other mothers for filling my gap.
The Munchkins at the Tropical Fish Exhibit. The oldest naturally doing her best "Witness Protection" pose and the Youngest playing Nemo.
These were our sleeping arrangements. Yes, I did think about the several tons of water above me and the giant fish and whale sharks overhead. Nothing says,"Good Morning" like a giant Grouper staring at you.


Shannon said...


Looks like fun. We'd like to do one with our troop. We have "Bunk at the Zoo" among other opportunities.

jacquie said...

19.5...yipppee! think about that in 5 pound bags of sugar!! wowowow!!