Monday, February 9, 2009

Hello, my name is Dottie.

Hello, my name is Dottie. I'm highjacking this blog to introduce myself and tell y'all a little about myself. First, I was born a small tadpole in the Okefenokee swamp. Naturally because of my bright coloring I didn't always fit in, but I knew I was destined for bigger things. When I got old enough I headed to Las Vegas. I always did like the bright lights and big cities. I quickly secured a position as a Vegas Showgirl. (You'd be surprised at the demand for colorful frogs with rhythm in Vegas). I had a great pad out in the Bellagio fountain pool, talk about the view. After a few years of hoofing it, I quit the dancing biz and dealt Black Jack for a few months. But the call of a slower and easier lifestyle beckoned, and I missed the South. So I headed back to Georgia, and here I am.
There are alot of things about my Vegas past that I'd prefer not to discuss. Let's just say if you happen upon some compromising photos of me on YouTube, that was a very difficult time for me. And I have partied with some of the famous. I guess I'm most asked about Hugh Heffner. And all I'll say about that is, I've met alot of frogs in my day, but he's a real toad!

Y'all take care and have a great Monday!


Kate said...

She is definitely a showgirl! When does Evey get a frog?

Kathy said...

Who cares about Evey, when does Grammy Kathy get a WILD and CRAZY frog?!?!?!

jacquie said...

hi dottie! remember...what happens in vegas...stays in vegas!

Journeying Five said...

dottie is sooooo adorable and your post is hilarous!