Friday, June 29, 2007

Title Change

Ladies I changed the title of this blog to more accurately reflect it's contents.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sugar Rush for the Day

Well, the holy trek to the Pink House bakery happened today. I really think that bakery was put there by Satan to haunt me. I love that place. I actually got to see a VAT of icing. YUMMY! Why can't I just be happy being fat? I mean to be thin I have to exercise like I'm training for the Olympics, eat like a fucking rabbit, refrain from drinking alcohol, and feel guilty when I do consume something good! It sucks!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am here, and I'm going to win

Well, here I am finally logged into our blog. I have been very busy fighting the HOA in my neighborhood over the past few days, and it has consumed way more of my time (and negative energy) than I want to admit. You know, I am not a competitive person, never have been. If we were playing a game and I don't win...who cares? If I don't get the recognition I deserve at work...who cares? What I do care about is winning an old fashion "pissing" match...and yes my friends the HOA of my neighborhood had attacked me and I will WIN; I want to make those grumpy old men in my neighborhood regret they ever came knocking on my door. Now if I had done something wrong or disrespectful I would feel like a horrible neighbor and back down and not even fight, but I have done nothing wrong, and they will soon realize they should have never knocked.......

Crispy Critter?

So I have joined this blog as a "contributor," although I don't know if that will be quite accurate. Time will tell. I'm just not that funny really...I would like to think I am, but I'm not....and I haven't fallen over in hot pink shorts lately either, so I really have nothing. I just want to know, where is our friend the Crispy Critter? She has not joined yet...and yes, I like doing............

Concussions and such

I hate those moments in life that we file under "It sucks to be an adult." R has recovered from her ER trip for knocking herself senseless falling out of her Daddy's hammock. I didn't panic which is good. A good thing that came of it, was in my worry, I fixed my Dad's quilt (which I've had for several years) and got a good start on another strip quilt. Productive nervous energy. I guess I could have cleaned the house while I waited to hear an update. Of course, I was sewing like a fiend and yesterday, R acted perfectly normal, well normal for her. Oh well....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Nothing hurt but my pride... and my knees... and my back

So, I will take this moment to welcome myself to Melissa's blog... I have tried to start my own in the past but find that I get bored talking to myself after only a few entries, so maybe having a connected string of ramblings and random bitching will keep us going a bit longer.

I did not spend my weekend carousing with the still-young-enough-to-do-shots crowd, but I suffered my own humiliations to make me feel about 80. It was my inspired idea to take the shrimps bowling for a little Saturday night fun, and all was going well... we had only suffered one finger smashing by the popcorn shrimp and a few complaints of too tight shoes by the jumbo shrimp and were actually approaching the end of the game without major incident when I managed to get a shoe stuck on something sticky in the lane and end up on my hands and knees with my hot pink shorts clad butt in the air for all to see. And what brought me to this indignity my friends? It is all very clear, I broke a cardinal rule of the sisterhood and had to pay. Only a few minutes earlier I had laughed as one of the quite tipsy ladies in the group next to us went flying into the lane on her belly on her first throw and had to skulk back to her seat in a state of drunken mortification. Never laugh at the embarrassment of one of your fellow margartia drinking sistas, for you will pay. So, today I am nursing my bruised knees and ego, and if I hear The Boy one more time laugh and say "that was so hot" I very well may punch him in the face.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm too old for this shit

One of my favorite lines from the movies...and yes I'm too old to go out and drink until almost midnight. Everytime I wake up with a hangover I promise myself that this is the last time that I drink that much. Lordy lordy! I hate hangovers. Well last night was fun. But I do feel like a grumpy old was loud and crowded. The food was pretty good, service not so much. Me and my little suburban world up here, I can eat good and drink lots close or at home. I'm such a slug! Cabin Boy had a good time. My ego did get a boost when a 20 year old girl gave me the evil eye when I rubbed her boyfriend's shoulders. Hah! Just reaffirms my belief that I'm a MILF. I guess Cabin Boy would agree with that since I was SO drunk that I came home stripped off my clothes and danced to Madonna on my kitchen island. So ladies....say what you will....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The grief I get

Well apparently setting up a blog is not enough for the people who surround me. They also expect content. As if they already didn't hear most of my thoughts anyway. Tonight I'm going with my husband (Cabin Boy) to a "hip, fun" restaurant with a coworker/friend to celebrate her birthday. We will probably be the oldest people there, being at least 10 years older than the majority of the group. How does 10-15 years of your life pass you by without seeming to? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hung up on my age. I'm approaching 40 with gusto, and can't wait to celebrate that milestone. But it doesn't seem that long ago that I was a fresh faced mid 20 year old living life. Some days it seems like time will not pass, and then others it has flown by.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My husband

My husband will become a frequent topic of discussion on my blog. He does not think this is my blog but someone else's! That's what comes from having that pesky Y Chromosome!

Just started blogging

Who hoo! Kate said I could do it and I did. I set up my blog!