Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I am here, and I'm going to win

Well, here I am finally logged into our blog. I have been very busy fighting the HOA in my neighborhood over the past few days, and it has consumed way more of my time (and negative energy) than I want to admit. You know, I am not a competitive person, never have been. If we were playing a game and I don't win...who cares? If I don't get the recognition I deserve at work...who cares? What I do care about is winning an old fashion "pissing" match...and yes my friends the HOA of my neighborhood had attacked me and I will WIN; I want to make those grumpy old men in my neighborhood regret they ever came knocking on my door. Now if I had done something wrong or disrespectful I would feel like a horrible neighbor and back down and not even fight, but I have done nothing wrong, and they will soon realize they should have never knocked.......

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