Monday, June 25, 2007

Nothing hurt but my pride... and my knees... and my back

So, I will take this moment to welcome myself to Melissa's blog... I have tried to start my own in the past but find that I get bored talking to myself after only a few entries, so maybe having a connected string of ramblings and random bitching will keep us going a bit longer.

I did not spend my weekend carousing with the still-young-enough-to-do-shots crowd, but I suffered my own humiliations to make me feel about 80. It was my inspired idea to take the shrimps bowling for a little Saturday night fun, and all was going well... we had only suffered one finger smashing by the popcorn shrimp and a few complaints of too tight shoes by the jumbo shrimp and were actually approaching the end of the game without major incident when I managed to get a shoe stuck on something sticky in the lane and end up on my hands and knees with my hot pink shorts clad butt in the air for all to see. And what brought me to this indignity my friends? It is all very clear, I broke a cardinal rule of the sisterhood and had to pay. Only a few minutes earlier I had laughed as one of the quite tipsy ladies in the group next to us went flying into the lane on her belly on her first throw and had to skulk back to her seat in a state of drunken mortification. Never laugh at the embarrassment of one of your fellow margartia drinking sistas, for you will pay. So, today I am nursing my bruised knees and ego, and if I hear The Boy one more time laugh and say "that was so hot" I very well may punch him in the face.

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Supreme Ruler of MY Universe said...

Well it's good to know that I'm not the only one who knows the fine art of humiliating oneself!