Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today is Thursday

Now before you go pointing out the obvious, I just felt like it was a descriptive statement, "Today is Thursday." Thursday is kinda the red headed step child of the week. No one looks forward to Thursday. No one dreads Thursday. Nothing happens on Thursday except everyone wants it over so that it will be Friday.

And lord am I glad tomorrow is Friday. Not so much because this Friday is any more special than any other Friday or that this weekend is bringing any major vacation or event, outside of a dinner with friends. Mainly, because it brings me a week closer to a week off work, SPRING BREAK! I'm looking forward to some time with nothing to do, other than random things with my girls. I've promised myself not to plan any major projects or "house jobs" for that week. The only thing that sounds better than a week off doing nothing is a week off doing nothing at the beach! But we can't have everything can we.

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