Monday, June 15, 2009

Sweet progress

I've been a busy busy bee the last few days. Nose to the grindstone.....I had to work on getting caught up on my two quiltalongs.

First the nine patch a day. After organizing all my 2 1/2" squares I started sewing. I now have 67 of them done. Crazy Mom Quilts is making 70 for her quilt, but I cut out enough for 92 squares. And by God, if I cut the material, I'm going to sew the material.
The last photo may be a bit misleading. That's the yummy white Kona cotton I purchased as sashing that I've just laid some of the 9 patches out on. I'm so excited about how this quilt is going to turn out. And because naming quilts is part of the fun for me, I've named this one "Jello Shots."

Next up, Old Red Barn's Quilt along. You may remember the last time you saw this fabric it was still in it's 1/2 yard cuts. Well much cutting, sewing, cutting, and sewing later, I have three of seven rows assembled.
I'm very pleased with how it's turning out, even though these fabrics aren't ones I normally am drawn to. This quilt SCREAMS picnics and summers to me.

Next, Posh bed quilt....I actually dug out the box of hourglass blocks I completed last summer, all the rest of the fabric and got organized. I counted 382 blocks made and 168 to go. I now have a plan for layout....
Finally, the turquoise square in a square quilt.
Just made more of these bad boys.

It helped my progress that Kate and I made a sewing date for Sunday. I got so much done. If you haven't noticed, I'm basically working on all four at one time. To put my own spin on Dory from Finding Nemo's, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....", I "just keep sewing, just keep sewing."

And finally I had to leave you with the latest pic of my two furry friends.
They both now join me in the sewing room and supervise all the productivity.

How's your summer so far?


Kate said...

Wow, you did keep sewing! Glad I made it out of there without a little furry paw sewn to my quilt, she is such a big help!

Kathy said...

You make me feel like such a bum and I have been working!!
Love the "children" photo!!

Shannon said...

so productive....I'm jealous!

Jello Shots, cool!

and love the quilting friends!

Trisha said...

You are getting a lot done over here. Your Old Red Barn quilt along is so cute. I love the colors and all the florals together. You're right it does look perfect for summer and picnics. I love your idea of picking four projects and setting a deadline. I really should do that!