Monday, July 6, 2009

As promised!

Well not only did I get some sewing in today, but also laundry, photo shoot, dog walking, vacuuming, treadmilling, dish washing, and grocery shopping....whew!

First, here's a patriotic girl at heart. She purchased these items in the $1 section at Target with her own money.
Now onto sewing updates.

Here's the completed top of the Old Red Barn Quilt Along. I've got the backing and quilting thread in my possession. I'm just waiting on my order of batting from to arrive.
Next up, Jello Shots. I think I've already decided on a home for this one. This top is half way done. I LOVE how it's turning out...I have the backing for this one too. The layout of this one required whole family participation. Hubbie to direct the action and placement of 9 patches, Nugget to assist in the placement of 9 patches, Oldest Munchkin to wrangle animals so the careful arrangement on floor was not disturbed by Chihuahua or kitten, and me to be the "creative" consultant.
Finally, I've gotten around to quilting the Oh My Dog wallhangings. This one is almost finished...only binding and label required. I'm so in love with white on white quilting. It makes me so happy to see.
Just so everyone believes me, this is what I have to put up with when I'm sewing. One day someone's tail is going to end up in the sewing machine.
And finally, at the beginning of the summer I went through all the school papers to sort out the keepers and the tossers. Here's some Munchkin artwork.

Blue dog, blue dog what do you see?
My portrait that was included in my Mother's Day Card
One fish, two fish, red fish, rainbow fish
I'm going to be framing these and hanging them at the top of the stairs and create a Munchkin's gallery.


Sereita said...

Wow. I feel really lazy after seeing that! :-) Your quilts are so lovely. I amazed that you have so many under construction at the same time.

Kathy said...

Some kittens never turn into cats, be afraid, very afraid!!!!
Grammy Kathy

Doris said...

Wow, she's quite an artiste! Great Blue Dog, and Rainbow Fish...and don't yu love that she drew you "skinny"!?

My cats just sit on what I am trying to put through the machine, not the machine itself...that's crazy.