Monday, September 6, 2010

why, oh why, quilting gods?

Today I was going to be officially DONE with LilyPatch 9. I finished the custom quilting, the binding, label, and everything had gone swimmingly. I tossed the quilt in the wash to achieve the crinklely goodness we all love and when I pulled it out of the dryer, color bleed! I'm on round 3 of washing with stain removal stuff #3...pray for my quilt. I've never ever prewashed fabrics before. I've always used the color sheet and never had a problem. Truthfully, I think it maybe the thread I used. Oh well.

On to funner oldest has started feeding the outside neighborhood cat, Kiki. She has a collar and everything but even before the oldest started leaving food, Kiki had started taking up residence on our sidewalk and front porch. She even threw up a field mouse she had caught in front of our garage door as proof of her admiration.

With the Atlanta weather being so cooperative, we sat outside today on the front porch. And look what my oldest brought me to hold.
Yes I held it. And got a handful of frog pee as my reward.

Here's the animal lover herself. I can only hope she buys a farm to keep all her animals on when she grows up.
And finally, an Evey picture. She had just finished barking in answer to the neighborhood dogs. She was so full of herself.
My home and people are safe!

Keep my quilt in your thoughts.....


smshorty said...

Oh no! I have had that happen to me, too! It was a queen-sized quilt I had made for my son and his wife out of homespuns and muslin. Hand-quilted, of course. This is probably the nicest quilt I have ever made. The homespuns bled even though I had prewashed them. They gave the muslin a kind of grungy look. At least the color was even and not splotchy. After 3 washes I decided it was "good enough". I saw the quilt again after time had passed and realized that it was not as bad as I had first thought. Man, what a shock when it happens, though!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some good advice for you but all I can do is pray for your quilt. I am so sorry -- what a dirty rotten trick.

Cannot believe how grown up your oldest is. Good grief. Can this be the same little munchkin who looked through the Hancock's catalog with me in Nashville??


Aunt Jan

Shannon said...

Good luck with the quilt! I don't prewash either... I use the Shout color sheets and have not had a problem. The one time I had issues is when a quilt I was working on got wet and I didn't know it. The black fabric bled as it sat before it dried.

Our Twinkle cat has gifted us with two mice in the past couple of days. My oldest woke me up in a panic this morning because the cat actually brought the dead mouse into to her room. Ugh! She must have found a nest and is picking them off one by one

Gretchen said...

Oh no! How terrible!!! I use Retayne and Shout color sheets and wash in cold water the first time I wash a quilt (you can usually find Retayne at your LQS). So far so good. I never prewash fabrics. Hope everything turns out OK. I love the visiting critters :)