Sunday, August 29, 2010

the goings on around here

Last weekend I busily started the quilting process on Lily-patch-nine. There are parts of the process of making a quilt that I like more than others, basting is not one of my favorites. However, I realize that it's a step towards a part that I do enjoy. Naturally, when I entered the sewing room, my furry assistant followed.
Here's our little Pepper holding the quilt down so it doesn't fly away while I baste it. She was quite entertained with the safety pins. Even was able to get a few open. Naturally, her amusement with me ended as soon as I moved her.
This is the oval upstairs window where Pepper keeps eye on her kingdom. She often watches Evey's outside adventures from this perch.
Finally, sweet fat Chihuahua. Lately she's been wondering about all the quilting going on. Her favorite place in the sewing room is directly under my feet while I sit at the sewing machine.

I should finish Lily-patch-nine sometime this week. I'll post pics when I get all done. I've started to branch out from my tried and true stippling to do something more "custom". Stay tuned....


Aunt Jan said...

I think I have the same assistant. Sometimes I find that my quilt will not move while I am quilting it and I discover it is being held down by a furry friend. So helpful! It is a wonder that I get anything done.


Aunt Jan

Anonymous said...

I believe this must be in the job discription for our furry friends.
Grammy Kathy who is in Idaho where it is 37 degrees this morning. But, it is a dry 37!

Shannon said...

Ah, ha! I thought you might be back.... I've missed you!