Wednesday, August 18, 2010

well, well, well...

Well, in that now that I've re-entered the quilting world, I've made significant progress on the frog quilt. It may even be completed in time for the show.
This quilt is the brother of Bazooka, in that it started with scraps from a child's quilt that I made for a silent auction several years ago. I may have mentioned that one of my bestest buds actually ended up winning that quilt and taking it home. She's got two little boys and one big boy, and the original quilt is always a point of discord while watching tv. So in my nine patch induced craze I decided that I would take my scraps and make a the big brother. Here's the teaser picture....81 nine patches with pale green Kona sashing.

Second "well" in that I'm suffering from a nasty summer cold that one of the Munchkins brought home. So if froggy quilt is going to get quilted before the show, I gotta get over this mess.

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