Monday, August 16, 2010

Another post...shocking!

Before the symptoms of the First-Week-Back-to-School cold hit, I was able to make MAJOR progress on Lilypatch Nine. I'll post pictures later today of the completed top. A few things to note when you do finally see this top....
- I started this back in my nine patch obsession phase. I still like how the nine patches have come together and this is such a fun way to work with all those little pieces of leftover fabric. But honestly, I'm taking a break from nine patches.
- That being said, I made almost 100 nine patches in preparation for this quilt. I only used 81, so I see a baby quilt in my future.
- Apparently a quilt show deadline drives my production. Not a bad thing, just good to know.

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smshorty said...

100 blocks! Very impressive. Can't wait to see it hanging in our show. I need to make a baby quilt, maybe I will use the 9 patch, it is such a great pattern.