Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How time passes

Believe it or not as of 9:11 am today I'm the mother of a 9 year old! We took this picture in January when we were at Disney--believe it or not I did have makeup on--but we had lots of fun.

Anyway back to the fact I have a 9 year old...I reminded my husband at 8:30 this morning that 9 years ago, he was counting to 10-entirely too slowly--and I was pushing my little Spunky Punky into this world. I would have never imagined the kid I got. She's way cool!

She's definitely my artist. She's loves her sewing machine and has completed her first quilt (pictures to follow in future blogs). And the sweet child that she is, has told me that once she gets another quilt completed, she was "going to make you a quilt, Mommy, because you make quilts for everyone else and no one makes quilts for you." She shares my love of art and is becoming more and more interested in learn about artists. She's always loved the Matisse goldfish painting which is one of my favorites, and yesterday she recreated it for my office(again more pictures to come). It's beautiful!

So Happy Birthday to my oldest Munchkin! And here's to looking forward to the next 9 years--even though that means TEENAGERS!

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