Sunday, September 7, 2008

Current "doings" around here

Apparently there has been some sort of detente in the feline realm at my house. PJ (the kitty on the left) has ruled the roost in the last year around here. She bosses the old Snickers cat and keeps her living in the basement. Poor sweet Sunny (the kitty on the right) gets chased all over the house at PJ's whim. Rarely ever do you see these two cats together. They won't even share my queen size bed together. But just the other day I snapped them "sharing" this bit of sunshine. And I've found them curled up (not touching, but very near each other) on the sofa.

"What the hell, don't touch the tail, not the tail."

And of course Mama can't resist forcing the felines to be next to each other. Food the ultimate bribe.

"Mmm, wet food, yummy, don't tell Snickers."

Ok, finally....I finished the sewing on these eyeglass cases a couple of weeks ago. Then when I did the monogram Shrinky Dink buttons, two got all wonky and I was out of Shrinky Dink stuff. Well finally Saturday I got back on the crafting bandwagon and redid the button. I'm pleased with the final product. My sister loved her chocolate eyecase. I still have to give my Mom's to her.
Then today after going to the Yellow Daisy Festival and having my "ass barbequed in molasses" cause it was so hot, I finally got down to making PJ bottoms. They turned out cute for my first try. I've now had a request for spagetti strap matching tops. I really should have been sewing sleeves for my quilts for the quilt show next weekend. I guess I'll be doing that tomorrow.
PJ models
"One more picture Mommy."

Oh and I worked on my Karma Chameleon quilt. It's the "red, gold, and green" quilt. Get it? From the Culture Club song....I'll finish it soon.

And to document for myself my "wanna-to-dos":
  • More PJ bottoms
  • Finish Chez Moi Posh bed quilt
  • Checkbook covers
  • Ginger Blossoms and Amy Butler log cabin
  • Mom's half square triangle quilt
I feel another sewing binge coming stay tuned!

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Shannon said...

I live vicariously through you...

Keep up the good work!