Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, tuesday.....the MEME revived!

Tuesday, the beginning of my work week....boo! I'm surprised that "Rather be sewing," isn't glowing across my forehead.

I'm reviving the meme. I'm going to roll out the new topic today and pictures are due by next Monday, midnight! Post a comment to my picture post with a link to your blog/picture! Here we go...THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! Post a picture of something you find incredibly frustrating. Be creative.....

Here's Karma Chameleon. I finished the top Monday. Now all I have to do is sandwich and quilt. Hopefully, I'll get that done before the weekend. I'm so friggin' tired of this quilt already.
Thanks to Grammy Kathy to sending me these photos of me and my family in front of two of the seven quilts I entered in the Quilt Show. Notice no ribbons..... :( By next Quilt Show, I hope to have a ribbon winner finished and have lost 40 pounds. Who knows, maybe I'll be entering a handquilted item. Yes, something you may not know is that I'm an avid machine quilter. I think I have actually said,"I'm never going to handquilt." Cue Kate shaking her head and clucking her tongue (remember she doesn't really do that, but it expresses the moment). Well at the Quilt Show, my handquilting friend Fran hit me over the head and drugged me. When I came to, I was sitting next to a quilting hoop, fingers thimbled, and needle in hand. Fran is a great hand quilting teacher. She's very supportive. Even as I stitched very uneven stitches, she stood there telling me how good I was doing. It was hard not to try with Fran cheering me on. Thanks, Fran!


quiltu said...

I like your Karma Chameleon. I want to see it in person! Hand quilting can be addictive!
Grammy Kathy

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Doris said...

Beautiful, family and quilts!