Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another political post

Kate, before you say anything, just file this under the "I'll never use stickers while scrapbooking," and "I'll never hand quilt," statements. Just attribute it to the mystery that is me.

I voted today. And as usual I have a mouthful of comments to make, so pull up the soapbox, I'm ready to put in my two cents and then some.

The thing that sent me over the edge today was the large number of unopposed races. I mean really people. Seriously, reading all the ranting and ravings of people on all sides of this political season, I couldn't believe so many races in my state, district, county, etc had only one choice. Now I'll be the first to admit that I don't think I would be qualified to run for Coroner, and I certainly don't have the necessary experience and training to be Sheriff, but really, come on. So you say, why wasn't your name on the ballot Miss Mouthy-Mouth. I readily will admit that I've looked the other way year after year, election after election and refused to take my responsibility to heart. However, those who are close to me, know that I am the type of person who believes that if you don't agree with how something is being done, you should get involved.

Now this newest anger is definitely based in my recent experience with the Board of Education of the County in which I live. And in truth, three positions were up for election this time, two unopposed, and I didn't have the foresight to investigate this before this week. But "as God as my witness," I will make a change in my local representation ("and I'll never be hungry again!") Oh yes, Melissa is pissed off, riled up, all in a dither, so watch out world here I come.


jacquie said...

you go girl!

Shannon said...

I did mail in this year. A Republican Party rep came to my door days before the deadline to ask if I was interested. Sure! My paranoid mom thought it might be a scam, but it wasn't and I got my ballot last week. Michael early voted last night. I couldn't believe how many amendments we had. I think we only had one unopposed canidate.

Start locally and work your way go!

Doris said...

All I can say, is stand back--our sista is steamin' mad! You Go Girl! Getting involved can be a headache, byt my Dad always can't complain if you don't....