Friday, May 15, 2009

I took a break, so sue me

Hello everyone....sorry it's been so long. Since we had to put poor Sunny down things have been barreling along. What with sick kitty, end of school activities, a cold, a wedding, two birthdays, Mother's day, my part-time jobs of work, Mommy, Wife, exercise, and weight loss, and just regular day to day stuff I've been slammed.

So first up, what I promised a couple of week's ago. Quilting update.....honestly, I haven't sewn in weeks. I didn't miss it at first. I guess I just had too much going on, but I'm starting to get that itch. Before I got overwhelmed I started this quilt:
This had started off as a Square in a Square quilt, with three concentric squares per block. An old adage is coming to mind,"Measure twice, cut once." Yes, in all my genius, I thought to myself, "9 inch square, 3 squares, 9 divided by 3, 3" strips". Um, yes, above is what I ended up with. So then after the first cut, realizing my error, and muttering a selection of choice swear words....I decided that I would set the squares on-point. This started out as hand-dyed turquoises purchased for a whole other project that I bought and an Amy Butler that I thought was perfect with them. Then over time I collected other prints to incorporate. In the end, the Amy Butler didn't make the cut. Oh well......

I have another two matching wall hangings ready to be quilted. One for me and one for a dear friend's birthday. These are made with the Oh My Dog charm pack. I just had to have this fabric cause of Evey the dog. When I show you the finished product (hopefully soon) you'll see that the dog on it looks nothing like Evey. It actually looks like my friend's dog, Penny. So stay tuned.

Oh and I joined a quilt-along....I haven't done anything yet....I'm 17 days behind....don't ask.

Next up, last weekend one of my very bestest friends got married! Yay! And she married a very cool guy, scroll down for his pic. It was a lovely lovely day. And she allowed me to play a part by doing her hair, her daughters' hair, and most important swig champagne in the car moments before she walked down the aisle. I never got to make any napkins for her wedding. I didn't make it to Quilt Camp, one of those previously mentioned birthdays conflicted, and they finished them up there. But when we got home, Hubbie said,"Oh look. I guess I accidently stuffed these in my pocket at some point." Now evil laugh, "Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!"
I've thought about holding them hostage and asking for a ransom.....but I really should be a "good" friend, right?. :)

Next up, this week we got some fantastic news....after almost three years of hard work the oldest Munchkin did really well on some standardized tests at school. When we moved almost 3 years ago from county to another, the academic standard difference took us by complete surprise. My oldest Munchkin started her 2nd grade year, behind and has fought and fought to finally get caught up. It's been heartbreaking as a Mother to hear her talk about how she's really not that smart. How she doesn't know if she's smart enough to be a vet (her life long, and I mean life long, dream). But as of 3:01 pm yesterday, we got the news that she passed her tests with BRIGHT FLYING COLORS! Whoo, hoo, oh yeah! So riding this high, I gave in to the oldest Munchkin's latest request, to go look at kittens. This week she came to me and Hubbie and told us that she missed her cat Sunny, but she thought she was ready to be Mommy to a new kitten.

Please meet Pepper!
And here she is with her new Mommy.
Pepper is 6 weeks old and too cute for words. Oldest Munchkin is so happy and in love. Quote: "This is the best day of my life." My Munchkins have had to endure alot in the last 12 months....they deserve alittle happiness.

So what do the other furry babies have to say about it all.....
"WTF! Hiss, Hiss, is she gone? I can't believe you've done this to me. Just when I had been promoted to Number 2! Hiss, hiss."
"Ok, I need to give the new kid some don't sit on my person's lap! That's all mine little kitty. But if you come over I'll lick your nose..."

Well that's about it. Hopefully, you feel fulfilled and caught up on my at you soon, y'all!


Shannon said...

Glad you're back for an entry! I loved hearing about what you've been up to.

Pepper is cute....

We've been busy, too. It's like BOOM, end of the year. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Z has caught up. All my kids have struggled so I totally understand where you are coming from.

Hang in there!

Kate said...

Oh my! I almost fell off my chair, apparently we need to chat! Yay to the oldest munchkin on tests and kitty, welcome Pepper! Don't get too attached to those napkins.

Kathy said...

Hey, I made those Peacock napkins for the Bride and Groom! Go steal some other ones!
A kitten, so sweet and what a perfect name. Can I come snuggle before Pepper turns into a cat overnight?
Grammy Kathy