Friday, May 29, 2009

Sewing and Blogging Slacker....that would be me

So I'm going to skip the part where I make all kinds of excuses as to why I'm a Slacker and go straight to the good stuff.

I've joined a couple of quilt alongs, Crazy Mom Quilts and Old Red Barn.
This is as far as I've gotten on the 9 patch a day one. I'm so far behind. But by God, I will catch up and finish. All of this comes from my stash,which is really good news. I'm very excited about how this will turn out.
This is as far as I've gotten on the Old Red Barn one, I've purchased fabric. These are so far out of my normal fabric cravings, but when I joined the quilt along and went through my stash and saw that it would be beyond my current mental concentration to find 12 1/2 yards that went together, I naturally went shopping at This whole collection was on super duper clearance, and I've always liked red and light blue together. I bought extra of the will make perfect binding for lots of things....hee hee.

The Oh My Dog wallhangings....still hanging over the railing of the loft. Will quilt and photo soon, promise. Kristin's birthday is FAST approaching!

Pepper Cat and Evey Dog are fast friends. I think Pepper thinks Evey is Mama. She follows her everywhere. And Evey follows me everywhere, so we make quite the parade walking around the house together.
In the last few days I've been reminded of the children's book, "Are You My Mother?" It has been surprising how the dog and kitten have gotten along. I was a bit concerned about how the dog would react to the kitten, she barks continuously at PJ one of our other cats. But Evey lets Pepper attack her, drink and eat out of her bowls, and most recently clean the inside of her ears. Whatever is happening around here is pretty cute.....
As far as the other cats, PJ has taken to living in the basement with her arch nemesis, Snickers. They crack me up down there.

As I was transferring photos for this post I found dozens of photos I had not taken on my camera. Perhaps this is another lesson of why not to leave your camera unattended.
Do you remember last summer what I came home to one afternoon? Well apparently, the oldest Munchkin got super industrious recently and decided to create her own pictorial. How I love when I find little treasures like this. She's my artist.

Weight Loss and Exercise
I'm up to 45 lbs lost since January 1, 2009. I'm on the treadmill at least an hour 6 days a week, most weeks 7 days. I gotta say watching my first season of the Biggest Loser this spring has kept me motivated.

Twilight-New Moon
I cannot believe I haven't seen this on other people's blogs. You know who you are.

So y'all take care....I'm off to the pool with the Munchkins....and hopefully will be sewing soon!


Shannon said...

Get sewing girlfriend! It's all about being inspired...

You can't be talking about my blog! All I can muster is Twilight quilt news and New Moon updates lately. New Moon in less than 6 months. Trailier on the MTV Movie Awards 5/31 and 14 seconds of that clip today at ET. Life would be pretty dreary if not for this type of news....

jacquie said...

did you say 45? that's FABULOUS! congratulations. love the fabric you ordered. it's one of my fav color combos too.