Friday, August 8, 2008

Wild Kingdom and True Grit

I bet you didn't know that Dinosaurs are still alive living in my study in Cumming, GA.....

I came home yesterday to find my study had been transformed into a Dinosaur habitat. These are only a few of the "scenes" that had been assembled. We also had a herd of long necks, two T-Rexs fighting over another human leg, and various other dinos milling about the room.

This is my Dad's quilt. I finished it a few days ago. I "stitched in the ditch" quilted it. I much prefer freemotion stippling or quilting of any kind. It turned out lovely. I'm planning to take it to the hospital this weekend to show him. He won't be able to keep it in the ICU (and I wouldn't trust to leave it there), but at least he'll see it.

Thanks to everyone for the name suggestions, I almost went with True North. But a few nights ago "The Searchers" with John Wayne was on television. One of my favorite movies. My Dad has always been a fan of "The Duke." In fact, he's received various John Wayne DVDs over various Father's Days and birthdays. Watching "The Searchers" reminded me of one of the other faves, "True Grit". My family has a favorite line out of that movie, where after being told that he was an old, one eyed, fat man and had no chance against the multiple younger outlaws, Rooster Cogburn replies,"Fill your hands, you sonofabitch!" and then charges full speed across a clearing with guns blazing. It spoke to me as having the courage and strength to face the insurmountable odds. And a bit of my personal history, it was the first movie I attended in a movie theater in my Mother's arms as a newborn infant. So that's the name of my Dad's new quilt, "True Grit."

So y'all have a great weekend, and I'm off to do more sewing!


Doris said...

And the eat off legs...who knew?

I finally posted my magent. sorry I was so late this week!

Love the True Grit story and name, perfect considering your Dad's last few weeks and his current struggles! My Dad was a mega Duke fan as well!

I'm praying for him. How is the rest of the family?

Gretchen said...

Wow! It's just like the Discovery Channel in your house. Love the photo with the leg LOL!

Great name for a beautiful quilt! It is sure to bring healing and comfort.

Dana said...

Beautiful quilt. Your Dad will love it for sure!

MelissaS said...

Just as an update...Dad is doing ok. Yesterday the ICU doctors deemed him "strong and stable" enough for an OR procedure to clean out his wounds from the back surgery. As small as a step it seems from the wide world, it is a huge step for us! He did well through the surgery and is doing very well now....Thanks again!

Shannon said...

Wonderful news and BEAUTIFUL quilt!!