Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is something I love that someone made for me

I can't show a picture of what was made for me that I love because it is a DVD. Three years ago Hubbie made for my birthday a DVD of my most favorite pictures of my Munchkins and set it to my favorite music. And he also had the Munchkins create artwork for the credits.

And then naturally, I love any artwork the Munchkins create, but I have my favorites like the Matisse inspired colored pencil drawing that the oldest made and a goldfish painting I have at work that the youngest created. (I'll post a picture of the goldfish later.)


Kate said...

I made one of those cds for my mom for mother's day one year and I love going back to watch it, something about pics set to a sappy song can just really get to you. Your hubbie can be so sweet (when he isn't trying to drive you nuts!)

Quiltin' Jenny said...

That hubby of yours...he's even a techie when he's being romantic!

What a precious gift.

Shannon said...

We need to hook your guy and my guy up.

How cool!