Friday, August 15, 2008

"Who do I email?" and "AH HA!" moments

It's been awhile since I've shared my "spirited" insights (or rants as Hubbie calls them) and two nights ago I had a "Who do I email?" moment that felt I needed to share.

"Who do I email?" - While watching Olympic Women's Synchronized Diving two nights ago, I was marveling at how amazing it was that two athletes could dive off a platform and manage to twist and flip their bodies in such beautiful synchronization without bellyflopping or losing their bathing suits as they entered the water. First off, if it were me, I wouldn't even be up on the platform. I'm unreasonably afraid of heights and if by some miracle were able to conquer that fear, after my partner counted to 3 and said go, I would probably stop short of jumping and say,"Wait a sec, I'm not ready, can we start over?" Anyways, the Chinese ladies were dominating the event. These very lithe and slim women, who as Hubbie commented looked like 10 year old boys, were amazing divers to watch. Then the Canadian women got ready to dive. These women appeared athletic and shall we say "more womanly" and curvier than the Chinese. I was just about to remark at the difference in the body types when the FEMALE announcer commented, "Here's the Canadian team. Well, obviously they are not as streamline as the Chinese." Color me shocked! I was like, "What?! Did she just call the Canadians chunky?!" Even Hubbie made a remark about the announcer's comment. I mean the Canadians were "thicker" through their bodies than the abnormally thin Chinese, but they were not fat by any stretch of the imagination. Then on the Canadian's final dive, one hit the water less than vertical so her entry created a splash. The female announcer exclaimed,"Oh my, what a tidal wave!" SERIOUSLY?! I mean I want to know who do I email at NBC. Women struggle so much with body image, do we really need this?

Now onto my "AH HA" moment - Wednesday I went for my physical exam. The first true physical I had had in years. Like most women I rationalized that the annual OBGYN visit was good enough health maintenance. Well due to recent events and Hubbie's harassment, I made an appointment to see my primary care physician. Yesterday I got the happy news that there is a medical reason why I'm fat (yes, I realize that this doesn't erase the reckless abandon eating and drinking) and that a few months ago when I started counting calories religiously and exercising every day why the weight was not coming off like it had in the past. I have hypothyroidism! One of the major symptoms is weight gain and fatigue. In fact, the doctor commented that my levels were so out of whack she was surprised that I wasn't so tired that I wasn't sleeping all day. But WEIGHT GAIN! The good news is that this is not dangerous and fairly easy to fix. The bad news is that I'll still have to count calories and exercise, but at least now I'll start to see some results!

So there are my nuggets of insanity for today. Happy Friday!


Doris said...

Melissa, I didn't see the diving competition, but recall hearing comments during the opening ceremonies about the weight of some of the "not so 10-year old boy atheletes"--I agree, we don't need to fuel the body image problem! And my boyfriend wonders why I get so down on myself because I gained 40+ pounds--it's because I know what women think and say about those of us with extra "padding"!

I hope the thyroid meds help you take weight's good to get answers, isn't it!

I nominated you for an award on my blog today, go check it out!

Shannon said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor! I hope you get healthy soon!

I am so bad. My last visit was 5yrs ago after having Alexander and I haven't been to the regular doc at least for that long. gulp.

My mom has been after me. I've been thinking about it--especially, with my brother's cancer.