Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is....

This is my favorite refrigerator magnet. Kate and I found this magnet last August at the AQS Nashville show and actually first thought of Christy. But after a millisecond of reflection realized that it applied to me as well. First off, love my coffee. Second, I inevitably do "Stupid Things." It should go without notice that this magnet holds up the pool code notice for my neighborhood, and I swear it was upside down before I even decided on this magnet. Typical!

Post links to your blogs with the pictures in the Comments to this post!

So far our participants for the This Is meme are:
Kate (she's already posted her magnet and tagged the next person to pick the topic)
Quiltin' Jenny


MelissaS said...

Here's Kate' blog see her entry

MelissaS said...

Here's Quiltin' Jenny's blog to see her entry

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It's difficult as ever!