Friday, August 1, 2008

Your invited to play

I would like to invite everyone to join in on my first meme. Don't ask me exactly what a "meme" is. Kate read me the Wikipedia page with the definition and I still don't completely understand, but I want to sound hip and cool.

This is how it works!

Every Friday a theme is given for finishing the sentence 'this is...' And by the following Wednesday everyone posts a photo of that theme and leave a comment on the original Friday post with a link to your post. We'll rotate the responsibility of choosing the theme by tagging the next person in our group. Kate got the idea, from this blog. If you look at some of the later posts, the participants have a brief description, explanation, or story to go along with their picture.

Some examples of themes are:
This is my front door.
This is my newest pair of shoes.
This is the view out of my kitchen window.
This is what I did yesterday.

The thing is you can be as creative as you want with the themes or pick out something very everyday.

I'm going to start this week with.....

This is my favorite refrigerator magnet.

I hope you can all play!! I'm formally (this means you're obligated to play--you know you love me) inviting Kate (obviously), Christy, and Shannon, but if you are a frequent visitor to any of our blogs and want to play too, just leave me a comment and we'll include you in the fun.

And Kate your tagged for next week's theme. To clarify---Kate will choose next week's theme, but everyone posts pictures.


Doris said...

Oh Count me IN! That sounds like fun... Does everyone post on that theme every week, or just the tagged person? I'll check out the other meme you suggested and maybe that will answer my question!

Love your stuff, BTW!

Quiltin' Jenny said...

I'm in.

But I'm with doris on the questions. I'll just follow along and see what happens.

Kate said...

Oh, good start Mel. Yes, everyone posts a picture with the weekly theme each week (the idea is to just learn a little snippet about everyone involved).

Shannon said...

Gals, thank you so much for helping me be HIP. It's what I long for...that and to be part of a group of friends. Speaking of that, Melissa, if you ever become a millionaire and open a business like "Designing Women"...count me in! I will move to Atlanta in a heartbeat! M wouldn't cry...he's always wanted to go to the south and visit Civil War sites.

Dana said...

You have a most lovely blog!

LizA. said...

Here's a good definition of meme from the Wikipedia page, down under Memes as discrete units:
"a piece of thought copied from person to person"

I think this description best defines it's use in this context.