Thursday, July 31, 2008

Shhhh, it's a surprise

Ok, as promised a post about my most recent creative exploits. I've sewed more half square triangles(enough for a quilt for my Mom) and more hourglasses. But I decided not to bore you right now with pictures or facts and figures (actually I lost count of how many I've done). And I basted my Dad's quilt today (check one of my to dos off my list) and quilted about 1/3 of it. If I push, I my be able to have it done to take this weekend when I go see him at the hospital. I won't be able to leave it there, but I can show it to him.

Now on to the "show" part of this Show N Tell post. Yesterday I decided to "document" my eyeglass case pattern and experiment with a better way of sewing the lining. So naturally I made myself a sunglass case and made one of my best friends Christy a case for her glasses. Naturally, I made some custom Shrinky Dink buttons (I wish I knew which blog I originally saw that on) and bejewels.

Christy is currently in possession of my 1969 Singer sewing machine. She keeps saying she's going to start quilting some day. I made her a travel pillow pillowcase in my recent sewing binge. Like most Moms, once she got it home, it immediately became public domain to her Hubbie, two boys, and two cats. So I know this will be hers and stay hers!

All my friends out there try not to look to hard at these eyeglass cases, cause you might be receiving one at Christmas!

And finally, a Melissaism, a question I pose to the readers of my blog....Have you ever had a dream about your spouse or significant other where in the dream they've done something that really makes you mad or disappoints you? And then the next morning, you can't help but to be pissed at them in real life? Is it wrong to have them make up for their dream-self's actions? I know what the reasonable and logically answer is....but as most of you know, I don't always subscribe to that train of thinking. Let me know your thoughts....just curious!


Shannon said...

My favorite is the "M" one. Did you use metallic thread or is that just the lighting?

I've had a lot of deja vu moments from dreams. Shh, don't tell... I had a sexy dream yesterday morning and it didn't involve M.

MelissaS said...

Not metallic thread. Just regular plain old thread, but the print has some metallic in it.

nevergonnabelievethis said...

I love my surprise...just gorgeous and the best part is it is all mine!

amandajean said...

the quilt is beautiful! I much prefer free motion quilting over stitching in the ditch. I thought I was the only one. :)

and yes, I have had dreams about my husband that made me mad at him in the morning. I don't think he would apologize for what he didn't do.

Quiltin' Jenny said...

Reviving an antique post, but Gracie got glasses on Saturday and I dug through to find this and show her.

She wants to know how you did the designs on the Shrinky Dinks...did they go through the printer? Also where you got the images.

I don't need this immediately...I know you have a few other things on your plate right now. Monday morning will be soon enough! ;o)