Saturday, July 12, 2008

What a week!

Well, this has been the week from Hell! But most fortunately today brings some good news and hope my way and I'm finally starting to feel more like myself.

First, Monday my Dad's vital signs started to fail and the doctors told us it was a matter of hours before we lost him. He has developed sepsis (a blood infection) and his body was in septic shock. Monday is a day that I hope will soon fade in my memories. Since then he's slowly been making forward progress. The doctors are quick to remind us everyday that he's gravely ill, but he's stable now and slowly, very slowly being taken off medications and machines as he becomes stronger and his body's systems are starting to sustain themselves. Thank you to all those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers!

There's something to be said about little girls and their Daddies. Throughout most of my adult life he's been, Dad, Father, Papa Bear, Jim, or PawPaw. There have been only a handful of times I've called him Daddy as a grown woman. One of the most recent time was 8 and half months pregnant with a two year old on my hip at the beginning of one of Georgia's summers the air conditioning at my house went out. When he asked if I wanted him to come over to look at it, I just cried into the phone,"Yes, Daddy!" And now this week, before I realized what I was doing, every time I saw him in the hospital hooked up to all the tubes, wires, and machines, as I left, I squeezed his hand and said,"Bye Daddy. See you later. I love you."

Next, as therapy for all the stress, I've been on a sewing mission. I've made countless pillowcases for everyone. My mom found these travel size pillows at WalMart and I've been making custom pillowcase for everyone. Then in an effort to pass time I worked alittle on my hourglass quilt. It's going to be bedsize. So that meant marking more fabric and sewing more half square triangles. Then I pulled out those 5" squares from a fabric exchange and started making half square triangles with those. Those are going to make my Dad a new quilt. Naturally, when I got enough put together I started playing on the floor.

Not sure which one I like best, any opinions?

Finally, the oldest Munchkin got her first pair of glasses this week. She picked out the frames all by herself. She so sweet. When we walked out of the eyeglass place she exclaimed,"Oh my. I didn't know everything looked like this. I thought I was seeing what everyone else saw."
Y'all take care...


Jacquie said...

Maybe the bottom one. They both look cool to me. Melissa I know this is a terribly stressful time. I'm glad things are looking up a bit. Take good care of you!

Quiltin' Jenny said...

I can't tell you how happy I was to see your post! So glad that your dad is making progress, and glad that our announcement to the guild turned out to be so wrong. (Ha! They'll never put me in charge of the news again!)
You are wrapped in love and prayers. Please call if there is anything I can do to help. Seriously.
Hugs, Jen
PS I like the top one.

Shannon said...

I'm so glad about your dad! I like the bottom one, too.

We have one in glasses for reading, but he refuses to wear them.

Kate said...

For some reason I like the top one a little bit more. And the glasses are so cute! She did a great job picking those out.

quiltu said...

I like the top one.
Tell Lillie I remember riding home with my Mom after getting my first pair of glasses and commenting I didn't know people could see the individual leaves on trees!
You all will be in my thoughts and prayers for a long time!
Grammy Kathy