Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a Day!

What a day...what a day! As if the fates hadn't taught me that things can change quicker than you think. We went shopping today to "look" at new cars. While we were out I got a call from my sister with news about my Dad. Today while my Mom was visiting with him today, she was talking to him and he moved his feet and wiggled his toes! The nurse asked him to do it again and he did. He's still really sick from the septic shock, but the doctor gave him a 5-10% chance of walking again. And the doctor has to confirm that he did it. But OMG what a piece of good news!

Then the other piece of news is that we bought a new car. And in true Melissa fashion, the new car already has a name, Mushu! Yes, in my family we name our vehicles. My beloved past autos were:

- 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet - Little Red - a true college/young professional woman zippy fun convertible - now resides in my parent's basement
- 2000 Volkswagen Passat Wagon - Big Blue - more sensible Mommy vehicle, had many days of the sun roof rolled back jammin' to the Wiggles with the Munchkins in their carseats
- 2005 Toyota Sienna Van - Bullseye - after the Passat was deemed "a lemon", the next purchase in the Mommy vehicle path, "Drive like the wind, Bullseye."---RIP my red friend 6/28/2008

And now drum roll please, my 2009 Toyota Camry, Mushu! As the youngest Munchkin so clearly told her aunt, "We have to meet our new car before we know it's name." So welcome to the family Mushu. We're so sick we even named the rental car we had, "The Rollerskate."

So there we day in a nutshell!

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quiltu said...

Keep hanging in there, I am hanging with you. Ahhhh, that new car smell!
More hugs,
Grammy Kathy