Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously, I have a problem

Hello, my name is Melissa, and I'm a sewaholic!

Seriously, I'm on a sewing binge. I guess this is my way of coping. Some people drink (ok, I admit there has been wine involved with the sewing), some eat (and yes there has been some high caloric treats recently), some exercise (none of that), some clean (HELL, no), some throw themselves into work (I don't think so) and then there's people like me, sewaholics. I've been burning through projects. Here's the quilt I'm currently making for my Dad. I've got the top done...now it needs a name.
I'm thinking of something with reflections, kaleidescopes, or maybe the ocean. Suggestions from the peanut gallery?

Then I've mentioned the pillowcases I've been making here's the library of the ones created lately.And finally a piece of good news, the long lost stuffed kitty Kit, Rose's favorite stuffed animal that we thought was lost in the car wreck showed up. When Hubbie went to get the last of our personal items out of the van, as they pried open well of the back of the van out dropped, Kit. She had been shmushed to 1" high, lost an eye, part of her nose, and "broke every bone in her body." We operated and now she's fine.


Kate said...

oh my gosh! Kit and her cousin reunited again. That is happy news. Starting a pillowcase factory over there?

Quiltin' Jenny said...

So happy that Kit found her way home.

For your dad's quilt, my first thought when I saw it was "Due North." I think it deserves some sort of a compass, nautical, guiding star kind of name.

Still praying for his recovery. Hope everyone else is healing from their injuries.

Jacquie said...

Pretty productive coping I would say! Glad that the kitty is home again. As for a name, I'm going to play on Jenny's suggestion...how about true north...kind of how dad sets a path for us.

nevergonnabelievethis said...

So happy to see Kit and all of that work...my you have been a busy bee.

Randi said...

I get on sewing binges too. It relaxes me!

What a cute story about the stuffed animal!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad kitty found her way home!

There are worse things you could be doing than sewing.

Still hoping for the best!

Brigitte said...

Thanks vor visiting my blog!

I like your works.