Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Opening Ceremony-Beijing

I just finished watching the Opening Ceremony in Beijing.

Yes, I'm a sucker for happy endings, assuming the best in people, and believing Infomericals-unfortunately, my oldest Munchkin has inherited that quality. I cried as each country's athletes entered the stadium, the hardest for the countries whose populations and total annual income equated to either the population of the state I live or less than what I spend a week at Publix on groceries.

Anyhoo, I watched all 5 hours of the opening ceremonies. I've found several networks that are broadcasting most of all the events--I will be watching and cheering. Remember, I'm a generation of ABC's Wide World of Sports, full of white water kayaking, ski jumping (yes, that is my FAVORITE Wii Fit game), and weight lifting. I remember watching athletes (non Americans) compete to be the best.

Aside from the artistic beauty of the dancers, the overall humanity (15,000 performers), and precision with which it was executed, it was spectacular.


Shannon said...

I missed them!

We're watching USA vs China basketball right now...

Jacquie said...

wasn't it simply fabulous...i taped's so fun to watch it again.