Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snoopy Thanksgiving and Christmas Eves

Last Friday, I hosted the third Snoopy Thanksgiving. For the third year in a row, my dear friends Kate and Christy brought their families and yummy food to celebrate a friends Thanksgiving. This started three years ago when we decided that Thanksgiving was not just for our families but also for us. All of us have large families in town that have their elaborate holiday traditions. We also decided that we would eat the things that we didn't get to have at the family gatherings (ham, mac & cheese, etc). It also would allow us to kick off our holiday seasons. It became Snoopy Thanksgiving last year. We haven't served toast, pretzels, jelly beans or popcorn, yet. Here's a picture of my dining room all dressed up.
And here's a reason not to leave your camera unattended....

And onto my sewing. I finished the third Sugar Plum Fairies top (Three Cousin's Quilts) today. Now to quilt. I still need to make quilted frogs and pjs for each of the girls. And my friend Barb told me I HAD to make pillowcases....we'll see.
Stay tuned....


Kate said...

Wow, all three tops done? Impressive! Jay was appalled that you posted that pic of him.

Wayne said...

Melissa made a spreadsheet to determine how long to cook her turkey.

17.12 lbs
12.0 minutes/lb
205.4 minutes to cook
3.4 hours to cook
175.4 minutes minus searing time
2.9 hours minus searing time
87.7 minutes halfway cover wings, legs and neck with foil
67.7 minute later uncover for browning

BTW, the turkey (and eveything else) was great!!

Shannon said...

This sounds like a fun idea.

It is just assumed that I will host Thanksgiving every year. I tried to get out of it--I needed to get out of it this year. I was forced into it again with disastrous results.

We are having our Thanksgiving today. We aren't turkey people so we are having ham. It's in the oven now.

Love the quilt!

jacquie said...

what a fun idea...we do a wednesday nite lefse night with friends...lots of wine, lefse dough tossing, lefse making and lefse eating...along with cheesy christmas movies. one of my favorite nights of the year.