Monday, December 1, 2008

It ain't easy being green....and pink....and purple

First off, Happy Belated Thanksgiving! We had a good one, all things considered. Hope you and yours had a happy holiday.

Now on to some fun stuff. I actually got some sewing in this weekend. Among scrubbing pans, eating leftovers, and putting up the Christmas decorations, I had to find time to work on the girls'(Lily, Rose, and Emma's) Christmas gifts. Well, I've completed my first frog! I love him. And thanks to Kate and Kathy insisting on me finding Poly Pellets to fill him with, he's perfect! I think the girls will love their frogs. My sister has already put her order in for one, and I think I'm going to make a frog for myself at some point.
Froggie wanted to see the snow flurries for himself.
He's quite a vain frog. He insisted that I get a full body shot from his good side.


quiltu said...

That is one handsome frog!!!! And, he is finished!
Grammy Kathy

Kate said...

He's awesome! Where did you find the pellets?

jacquie said...

darling! i'd like to know where you found the pellets too.

Shannon said...

Very it your creation or from a pattern?