Sunday, December 14, 2008

100th Post! Who'd a thought.....

I started to post tonight just to let everyone know that I'm still alive and finally feeling better. I'm still alittle stuffy and have a box of tissues wherever I go, but I'm back on the side of the living.

Then I realized that this is my 100th post! Whoo Hoo, that's right, you know it, uh huh! I wish I had something cool to giveaway, but right now I'm just swamped with getting Christmas here and done.

On the topic of Christmas presents, specifically the girls presents, here's the latest status:
- Frogs - 2 completed, one ready to stuff just need more Poly Pellets (Michaels was out of stock Saturday). Just as an aside, I stood in the middle of the aisle with the Michaels employee who had just verified that there was not a bag of Poly Pellets to be had in the store, and basically I stared at the empty shelf, hoping if I stared hard and long enough some Pellets would materialize. I think I frightened the Michaels employee.
- PJs - 3 pairs of pants complete, 2 tshirt designs complete, left to do - print designs on transfer paper and use heat press to apply transfers to tshirts
- Quilts - 3 quilts QUILTED, miles of binding made, left to do - print labels on transfer paper and use heat press, bind quilts
- Pillowcases - still possible, but I'm not as motivated
- Frog for my sister - in design stages only

I also whipped up at small drawstring jewelry bag using this pattern for my oldest Munchkin's tutor. I'll have pictures of pouch and quilts later. Just ran out daylight for pictures.

Also, tis the season for peace on earth. Number One, Hubby's cat Snickers, just crawled up in my lap while I was sitting here on my laptop. This is a once a year kind of thing. Snickers thinks I'm the maid and she's the lady of the house. She's mellowed a bit in old age, but for the most part everyone outside of Hubby is just noise. So I enjoyed my moment of love from my old fat cat.

Here's a picture of the Petits from this year's Christmas Party. Unfortunately, we waited too long and several other Petits had headed home. All but one of these hooligans I've known since birth. In fact, one of these beautiful things was my first baby...meaning that she was the first baby that any of my friends had ever had. And a group of these kids all went to my company's daycare together. So to say that one day, they'll all be sitting under a tree all grown up talking about their crazy old Mamas is a pretty good prediction.
Ok next topic...can you tell I'm feeling better.....I've been thinking about all kinds of things.

Recently, I finally saw Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Loved it! I've now watched it several times. My favorite song and sequence it "By the Sea". And Johnny Depp as a murderous sexy, I can't help it.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure as the season progresses I'll have more to talk about!


Kate said...

haha, how are you at 100 posts and I'm only at 83? Glad you are feeling better. It does suck that we didn't get a pic of all the kiddos this year.

Doris said...

I have a thing for Johnny, too. Lots of people hated that movie, I had the same opinion as you!

Way to go on the gifty progress, even with your illness! My sinus infection put me back a few weeks, too, but thank God I had gotten a head start this year!

Shannon said...


I'll be working on quilts up until the last minute.

everythingquilts said...

Cute bunch! Glad you're feeling better. If you're like me you'll never get done with the Making for Christmas, I always think of just one more thing, LOL.