Sunday, December 7, 2008

And away we go.....

This week the accelerating downward spiral into Christmas and New Years began. Naturally, I've been working on the gifts for the girls and frantically decorating my house, but this week things really got kicked off.

Tuesday the company my husband and I work for rented a bus and a bunch of us and our families toured one of the local holiday lights displays. This is one of their annual traditions at this company. I'm not sure when it started, but they've been doing since I first started working there in 1994. It's fun and the Munchkins always enjoy it.

Wednesday started my other annual December tradition, getting sick the week before my Christmas party. Wednesday night me, Hubby, and the Munchkins all started with the sniffles and coughs. I, of course, was desperately trying to convince myself that it was all the dust coming off the artificial Christmas tree (I'm real good at deluding myself). I managed to get my house transformed into the annual Christmas wonderland (I promise pictures later).

Friday night I went to a traditional ornament exchange. Saturday night was a party I have had every year for the last 10 years!? It started when all my friends and I started having our babies. We dress the Petits up and take their picture in front of the Christmas tree. I have some great ones of screaming babies. I had a great time I hope everyone else did too.

Today started out as a day I was going to spend sewing, but after pressing through my pounding sinus headache and cough yesterday, Hubbie gave me a wonderful gift.....a day in bed resting. Tomorrow I'm "back on my head" and back to the grind.

Y'all take care.....and Happy Holidays!


jacquie said...

you take care too! no good to be sick during the holidays.

Shannon said...

Get well soon!

What a lovely tradition is the bus ride...

Doris said...

What fabulous traditions, so much fun! Enjoy every moment, Melissa! It's so hard to get caught up in the busy-ness!

Doris said...


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