Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have I mentioned how much I hate sinus infections?!

Ok, sorry if you are tuning in to read about my creative exploits, but I have to whine. Today was a "laying on the floor of the bathroom because it's so cool" kinda of day. A "may God have mercy on my soul" kind of day. A "I didn't know my body could produce so much snot in one day" kind of day. I hate being sick. I hate feeling like crap. I HATE sinus infections!

Now that that is out of my system, tomorrow is another day (to quote Scarlett) and I hope I'll be feeling better.

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quiltu said...

I am so SORRY you feel like @#&*! It just isn't fair, not when there are a million things you need to do and a million things you want to do. I won't even give you grief for giving the girls their pajamas so early instead of waiting until closer to a holiday (any holiday). Absolutely LOVE the bird and he was worth a special trip to his new home. I would suggest NOT going into the squirrel making business!
Grammy Kathy who sends you a gentle hug.