Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop

I bet you thought you'd see bunnies......NOPE!

I got super duper busy yesterday afternoon and was taken over by quilted frogs.

First, you may remember Lucy, well this is her famous sidekick Ethel. Ethel has been known to down one too many Fly Cosmopolitans and find herself on a strange lilypad in the morning. She's loves dressing up and going out, but she also love splashing around the pond and listening to (eating) the crickets. She and Lucy have had some great times together and plan to have many more.
Here's a detail of her lovely feet.

Now I'd like to introduce two of Fruga's Sorority Sisters, Marilyn and Barbie D. They were all members of a frog exclusive sorority at the University of Georgia. The three girls spent lots of time together and partied hard through their collegiate years. Marilyn was always had a date and was a big hit with the boys (it must be her heart shaped eyes). Barbie D. (named after the famous Vince Dooley's wife) loved football. She never misses a game, ever. On any given fall Saturday it's not surprising to find her hanging out in UGA's doghouse drinking a beer.

But that's not all....there are three more cuties I'd like you to meet. Cuppy, Blossom, and Bloom.
Pictured - Cuppy, Blossom, Bloom, Barbie D, and Marilyn.

Blossom and Bloom are sisters which is good fortune since they are going to two sisters. They are very sweet girls who love playing outside, mocking kittycats, and having tea parties. They are innocent in the ways of the world. Funny, like any other set of sisters, their personalities are very different. Bloom, the oldest, is quiet and sometimes shy, but she's always got great plans. Blossom is always ready to follow her sister wherever she goes and is bubbly and always eager to strike up a conversation with anyone who will talk to her. Oh, and they hate squirrels.

Our last frog is Cuppy. She's a frog who enjoys her baked goods. Cookies and cupcakes are her favorite. She's looking forward to returning to Dalton, GA to live with the other North Georgia tree frogs.

And finally, the morning sun was cooperating so beautifully this morning. Here's a quick shot I took that I've named "Faux French Delicacy".
Ribbit, to you and yours and I hope your weekend is going as well as ours!


Shannon said...

Adorable!! I love the embellishments....

Okay, I want one. Whadda want in exchange? I know I'm being presumptuous--I've got be foward sometimes. LOL

Kathy said...

Lucy update: Lucy had to be attended to by a temporary swamp keeper, Granddaughter Courtney, while the main Swamp keeper, Grammy Kathy, was away for a couple of weeks taking care of her Mother. The T.S.K. informed the M.S.K. that over this time she had told Lucy all the family stories and feed her all the bugs she could come up with and that it was now time for Lucy to move on to her permanent swamp. So, Lucy now lives in Cumming and is washing her bugs down with Cosmos instead of jucie boxes. She plans on taking it easy for a couple of days because life was very hopping at the temporary swamp and if any frogs should move in there on a permanent bases, she hopes they are young frogs full of lots of energy!
Grammy Kathy

Doris said...

I love them! Ethel is my fave...something about her coloring...

Very cute post, and yes, I did expect bunnies!

jacquie said...

it's like a froggy team! they are darling...especially all together.