Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ta DA!

It snowed in Atlanta. The Munchkins were THRILLED! It turned to slush as soon as it hit the ground.

As promised full size pictures of Chocolat Rose Creme. I love this quilt. I wasn't completely sold on solid brown sashing until the top was finished. This started out as an experiment in a log cabin with different sized logs. My logs weren't sized differently enough. That's why if you look at the center medallions they don't line up. I still love it. I love the Ginger Blossom with the Amy Butlers....sigh....

I've already slept under it. I briefly toyed with the idea of giving it away.....no, it's going to stay with me and yes, I'm selfish.

Now meet Lucy.
She's a belated birthday present for Grammy Kathy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lucy has a very good friend Ethel who is currently waiting for her eyes, dragonfly, bejewels, and stuffing. They are buddies and share many interests and hobbies. They are ladies who know how to enjoy a formal tea with flies or a night out on the swamp with Cosmos and vodka.
Lucy is made out of some of my favorite Kitty Yoshida, City Girls. And she had to have LOTS of sparkles.

Well, that's what I've been up to. Ethel is coming soon. I now have to work myself up to making a baby quilt and experimenting with my frog pattern reduced.

Y'all take care!


Kathy said...

Lucy, you are no longer just a frog skin!?!?! I can't wait for you to come hang with me. Get your rest girlfriend because it will be a wild ride!
Oh, and the quilt is truely lovely!
Grammy Kathy

Journeying Five said...

the quilt looks great!

Shannon said...

Way AWESOME!! I love the quilt because of the brown.

Cool frog. Are those dragonflies I spotted?

Shannon said...


I forgot to comment on your snow.

How bizarre....we've had 60s and 70s all this week. People are still hoping for snow and it could happen as March can be one of our snowiest months.

jacquie said...

the quilt is gorgeous...and i love that the medallions don't line up...it's spunky! how fun that you had snow...we started march with snow and 78 degrees today. typical kansas city weather.

Kate said...

Holy crap, you made a whole quilt when I wasn't paying attention! You go girl! Looks great... I too like that the medallions don't line up, thought that was the whole idea when I first saw it. And of course Lucy is super cute.

Sereita said...
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Sereita said...

Lovely quilt.