Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happiness is...

...seeing my Sunny cat eating again! Yes, we're slowly getting back on track. No more vomiting or "cha-cha". The Vet called today, and the blood test show she's got Inflammatory Bowel Disease and pancreatitis. Both VERY treatable. Basically, she'll be on a low fat diet, steroids, Vitamin B shots and something else that I don't remember. We'll have the blood test rerun in 30 days to check all her levels, but I think we're finely on the road to recovery. I gotta say it warmed my heart when my poor little girl finally started acting hungry and eating with gusto again.

In further explanation, normally I would not allow my cats anywhere near the kitchen counters. However, I currently have a doggy (Evey) on the sofa with a tummy ache from hoarking down too much cat food in the last couple of days. So Sunny gets to eat center of the island. Yes, I disinfect after every meal.

And finally, Sunny's special treatment has caused all kinds of sibling rivalry around here.
"Dude, seriously....? How come she gets all the good stuff?"


Shannon said...

Wonderful News!

Kathy said...

I am SO glad to know you disinfect after EACH meal! I sleep with a cat butt in my face most nights, so I really worry about these things.
You go Sunny!!!!!!
Grammy Kathy

jacquie said...

what a load off your mind!!