Thursday, March 12, 2009

My poor sweet Sunny cat

Last week I noticed that my sweet Sunny was getting very, very skinny. She's always been a little thing but when I picked her up I realized she was all fur and bones. So the oldest Munchkin and I started on "Fatten Up Sunny" initiative. I assumed her weight loss was related to the addition of Evey the dog a couple of months ago. Over this past weekend Sunny just stopped eating. Monday, I realized she had not eaten and was lethargic. So after an Emergency Vet run Monday night, tests, IVs, medicines, another vet visit yesterday, more tests, more IVs, and more medicines she's still not doing great. She's home. Still not eating, but drinking water. The current guess on her diagnosis is hyperthyroidism, some kind of intestinal thing that could be managable, or intestinal cancer. We might know something as early as today or as late as next week on the most recent round of tests.

Needless to say, the oldest Munchkin is very worried. Sunny is her baby.

So keep our furry friend in your thoughts! My sweet little kitty.


Shannon said...

I'm sending a wave of good thoughts and kitty prayers your way!

And a hug for the munchkin.....and you, too

Doris said...

Oh, Sunny.... She's the one that looks exactly like my Maggy. Seriously, that could be a photo of Mags right there. I'm pulling for her recovery and praying for you all!

Sereita said...

Sorry to hear about your cat. I'll keep a good thought.

jacquie said...

good thoughts from here too!