Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, Friday, Fruga!

Yep, here I am again, for my Friday dance. And to introduce.....drumroll please......Fruga!
This is Fruga. She was born between the Hedges in Athens. She grew up from a small tadpole to become very popular sorority girl at Georgia. Her sorority was frog exclusive and she made many friendships there. Naturally, she still tries to attend as many Georgia home games as possible, and still sings "Glory, Glory" with gusto.

Fruga is my very first try at the reduced frog pattern. She's 23% smaller than the original frog. She has Poly Pellets in her arms and legs and polyfill in her body. I've been wanting to try to make a smaller version and it worked. This is a great use for all those small scraps leftover from making a quilt that I don't seem to know what to do with. I can't part with them, they are so beautiful, but I usually don't have enough to make something else.....until now. Fruga's tummy is the pink UGA fabric that I used to back Nugget's teacher's quilt. And based on how much I have left and the other frog "tops" I've produced, she is definitely going to have some sorority sisters in the near future.
Sidenote, Kristin, if you're reading this, Fruga already has a home, but rest assured one of her sorority sisters might be available as a 28 year old birthday gift for someone I know.


Kate said...

Hope you have added me to that list :)

jacquie said...

darling! a great use of leftovers.

Shannon said...

I've got to make one of these! I still have your email.