Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, this weather.

We just had our first BEAUTIFUL weekend here in the ATL. Mid 60s-70s Saturday and Sunday. I've had the windows open all weekend. And now I'm sitting here with my coffee enjoying the fresh air as I blog, sigh. And all my backyard "pets" are back. I saw two brown bunnies hopping around in the wild area behind our house (baby bunnies can't be far off). And in the pond behind our house we have 4 ducks! Two years ago we had two ducks, then suddenly, we had baby ducks! The Munchkins and I enjoyed watching our duck family grow. Last year no ducks....I was sad. So now that I've spotted the new ducks, I've got my fingers crossed that there are ducky eggs out there. "You got ducks?!" That's for you Kate. And after being stood up by Kate and Jayson, the Hubbie and I went and played tennis anyway. I'm proud to say that after a rusty start, I actually started to hit some good balls.

I did get some sewing in this weekend. Here's what I've been working on.
Leftovers from the SugarPlum Fairy Quilts and a couple of new fabrics added in.
This is part of "The Bribe Quilt." The youngest Munchkin's teacher is having a baby in May. And this has been a rough year for Nugget. She's a "highly spirited little girl who has a motor mouth." Now I'll be the first to admit that she has a hard time staying focused and loves to talk, but her teacher now has her tagged as "problem". I could go into lots of details, but long story short, we're just working towards the end of school here. And in a shameless attempt of trying to get some sympathy for Nugget, I'm whipping together this baby quilt. Her teacher is quite nice and I like her, but I don't think my Nugget has gotten her just due.

On the weight loss front (you all thought I had forgotten), I did fall off the wagon for two weeks while my treadmill was broken. I didn't gain, just didn't lose. And the motivation to keep eating good went out the window. Then through a series of repairs and starts and stops(literally, with the treadmill) that ended with me screaming and beating the non operational piece of exercise equipment (aka THE PIECE OF CRAP), we finally pronounced the POC dead. Now during the on again, off again treadmill saga I did some walking in and did eat good. And we started a "Biggest Loser" contest at work. So drum roll.....I lost another 2.5 lbs! So I'm up to 22lbs lost! Whoo Hoo!

Now sweet story, after I beat the treadmill last week senseless, Hubbie came down and asked me,"How was the walk?" I started to cry hysterically and said I hated the machine and that I would be fat forever. Well, you know what Hubbie did? He spent a good deal of his morning researching and ordering me a new treadmill! Whata man! Until it arrives, I'm getting up early and heading into where we work. They have a treadmill there and it's only 7 minutes from the house. It's nearly impossible to do during the week when I have to work and take the girls to school, but I can suck it up for a week or so.

Y'all take care and have a good week. I'm going to keep doing laundry and maybe go sew on "The Bribe Quilt" since I've already done my 4 miles this morning!


jacquie said...

congrats melissa! i broke down and my hubby bought me an gym shut down and it's been hard ever since...i'm back now...keep up the good work!!!

Kate said...

Whhaaattt? ya got DUCKS?!!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

congrats on the weight loss - good for you! I keep cheating...