Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm such a total geek

Ok, so history shows that I often remark on tv shows and movies that I fall in love(become obsessed) with. Last night, Hubbie, the Munchkins, and I watched Star Trek. OMG! I totally loved it! I had been semi-reluctant to watch it because of JJ Abrams and his over inflated ego and I am a fan of the original series and the Next Generation. I was afraid it would take all the characters that I know and love and do significant harm to Gene Roddenberry's mythology. But I was not disappointed on any account. It was such a fun movie. So this post is to simply say, if you were ever a fan of the original series and get a chance to see this movie.....see it!


Kate said...

Oh my goodness, Jay and I saw it in the theater and loved it, but I totally had the same reservations as you until I saw it.

Shannon said...

It's out on DVD? How did I miss that?!