Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I kept my lips zipped

To start this post, I freely admit that I'm the worst gift giver. Hubbie and me both. We both are very thoughtful about what to give to people. The problem comes when the perfect gift has been thought of and purchased, and the gift giving occasion is days, weeks, or month away. I've been known to purchase Christmas presents in October and go ahead and give them to the intended because I'm so excited I can't wait until December. Last year, Hubbie bought me my iPod for Christmas in November and we had it out playing with it before Thanksgiving. These actions often bring "tongue clucking" and head shaking from Kate. She often chides me for revealing my gifts early. Well, I finally showed her.

Kate got married in May (YAY!). In the months before the wedding, various details were discussed. Fabric napkins.....wedding colors (turquoise and spring green)...wedding dresses...yada yada yada. Well, from almost the moment she became engaged, I had decided that I was going to make her a quilt. And lo and behold, what quilt was I beginning that had one of her favorite fabrics featured? And turns out contained her wedding colors? And when we snuck away for a quick girls weekend and I whipped up pillowcases, for her pillowcase I used said favorite fabric? And what quilt did I recently take to her house for her to help me lay out all the blocks? Yes, Turquoise Tulips! I didn't tell a soul what I was doing. I didn't tell Hubbie until recently. It was so hard for me not to bust out,"I'm making a quilt for you. Here are the fabrics." or "That pillowcase will match the quilt I'm making for you."

Well, finally Sunday I was able to spring my surprise and gift her (and the BOY) with the quilt. And I was able to gloat that I never let on.....ever! Mwhahahahaha!

And finally, more proof of the age old adage "If you leave a quilt, a cat will come."


Shannon said...

The only time the cat likes me is when I'm quilting. She always finds the fabric I have set out.

Wonderful gift!

I can never keep a secret....

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

typical kitty - what a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a picture of the whole quilt please. Congrats on your surprise. Beautiful kitty.

Aunt Jan

Kate said...

Yes, what a wonderful gift! We love it and I am most impressed that you kept your lips zipped, I know it just about killed you. Lola has claimed it all evening, from one cat to another (or three).

Kathy said...

Kate and I were Skype-ing each other tonight and she was wrapped in it. It is just beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes!!! No better gift, none!!!!
Grammy Kathy
a frog comes close, but not the same