Friday, October 2, 2009

Quilting Mojo

Well after my last post I got some well wishes that I soon would rediscover my Quilting Mojo. I when I read Jacquie's comment about "mojo" I immediately thought of that Austin Powers movie where his mojo is stolen by Dr. Evil. So then I envisioned a syringe full of my "Quilting Mojo" floating around out there. Now this logically leads to the question of who stole my mojo. I don't have any hard leads, but I do have my suspicions and I'm not going to name names. Yesterday I found my Mojo.
When I was searching clip art for a "shot", a shot glass, bottle, salt shaker, and lime wedge clipart came up. Frankly, those are the shots I prefer, however it didn't really work with the storyboard of my missing Mojo that I have created in my head.

Anyway, yesterday, I sat down and put the binding on "Turquoise Tulips". I think part of my problem getting this one finally done was that I was having such a difficult time of thinking of a name for this one. Believe me, I've spent hours online searching various keywords and quotes to have nothing jump out at me. And I have to have a name for a quilt before I finish it. Both for my own insane reasons and pratical reasons (I sew the label to the quilt as I'm adding the binding.) It's not that I don't love this quilt, I do. The colors are lovely and it has some beautiful hand dyes worked in with the Urban Garden by Erin McMorris fabric that I love. And I painstakingly selected a variety of other prints over the last year to coordinate. Then the magical find of the Anna Griffin fabrics for the back and binding. It all came together. It has been a charmed quilt from the get-go.
Pretty, do you not love the turquoise.
Now, I'll be the first to admit, that this quilt has led a "charmed" life, but I did have a couple of hiccups along the way. Remember the mismeasuring? The layout confusion? Quilting hubrus? But, honestly these all just seem like happy mistakes as this quilt has come together.

Take care, I'm off upstairs to start cutting the sashing strips for Bazooka. And maybe I'll also work on my Post Bedquilt that is the last Stake in the Sand quilt....

Happy your best Friday dance!


smshorty said...

This is an awesome quilt! Great fabrics, great colors and great name! Can't wait to see it in person.

Gretchen said...

I'm so happy you found your quilting mojo. Maybe Mini-Me took it :) Beautiful quilt!!!

Shannon said...


jacquie said...

i love the idea of a shot of quilting a glass for me please, needles scare me! glad you got yours!