Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My life - The Office episode

I have maintained for several months now that the writers from The Office have some how secretly bugged the place where I work. You may remember the infamous carpet email. Well this week we've had another installment of this ongoing series. Here's most of text from a recent email:

"Is anybody out there?
I sent this note two weeks ago and the only response I got was from Jon . Thank you Jon.

Since trying to work with you as a group of committed professionals has failed, I will now try plan B – treating you like children who don’t care.

Action plan

1. Take 5 minutes now to reread this note and think about how we ensure a reliable service to our clients.
2. Respond immediately after spending your five minutes
3. Even if you have no input, respond anyway just so I can at least have the consolation that you read my emails (you could even thank me for doing this work for you – but that would be asking for common politeness – perhaps a bridge too far?) "

Now for quotes from an episode of The Office:
-"I tried being rational. And what happened? The employees went crazy. I got no support from corporate. So now, I have no choice. I'm going to treat them like the children they are."--Dwight K Schrute
-"Apparently, some of you are upset with my plan. So I want everyone to write down any diseases you have that you might want covered and I'll see what I can do….make it anonymous and put it in my in-box….Or don't right it down at all, and it won't be covered. Sound fair? Yes." --Dwight K Schrute I say eerie.....Twilight Zone eerie! Maybe my boss is falling asleep during office episodes and is being effected that way! Onto a different note, this weekend was Mother's Day! I had a very nice weekend. Hubbie and the munchkins made both Saturday and Sunday special. On Sunday the munchkins decided to conduct a scientific experiment. (Yes those are swimming goggles!)

On the sewing craft front I worked on my newest art quilt. Got a few more squares done. When I get a few more done, I'll post a picture. Read an article in Quilting Arts Magazine about flour paste resist that I definitely think I'm going to try this weekend. And emailed with an old friend who designs jewelry. And most interestingly is also making beads....did I mention I love glass beads? Check out her website in my Places I Like to Visit section, Designs by Lisa.

And finally, many of my close friends know I'm a Webkinz fanatic! I would be remiss if I didn't introduce my newest virtual pet, MeWa, the teeny tiny tiger! Isn't he a doll (haha)!

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