Friday, May 2, 2008

Victim of a Time Portal Hole Thingy

This morning I've had two moments of "OMG, has that much time really flown by?!" First came as I drove my munchkins to school. Yesterday I had randomly found a cassette tape (yes tape not CD) of a duo that in my 20s I would go listen to play every weekend at my favorite bar with my friends. We loved them and were considered regulars. It would not be uncommon for Henry and Francisco to break into "Brown Eyed Girl" or "Sweet Melissa" as we walked in to claim our table close to the stage. So back to my moment this morning, I popped my tape into my minivan's tape player and tuned out the little girl early school morning bickering to revisit some old musical friends. And that's when it hit....I was 21 when I first heard this song.....and to reveal my age....that was 17, almost 18 years ago! That song is almost 20 years old! After that revelation, I let go of that momentary "OMG" and smiled and enjoyed my music.

Then just moments ago I was received an email from my youngest munchkin's 1st grade teacher. A simple newsletter outlining the last three weeks of school. And a simple remark about "soon to be 2nd graders". OK, when the HELL did this happen?! I swear it was only weeks ago that I held my precious Moose baby in my arms and joyously watched my 2 year old toddler play with her new sister under the baby gym. WHAT?! WHERE?! WHEN?! Now I have a 9 year old and almost 7 year old!

Throughout life you're told by your "elders" time goes fast. Enjoy the moments when you can. I never believed fact I'm sure that I've been sucked into some bizarre time portal hole thingy.

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quiltu said...

The time thing just gets worse and worse. Wish I didn't have to tell you that, but it is true. Could we please just slow down!!!!!!