Thursday, May 29, 2008

And so it begins

Summer has begun around here. School is out and the pool is open! I've recently got the Hubbie out of his winter basement hibernation and we've started going up to the tennis courts to knock around a few balls. Naturally, this has eaten into my sewing time....but I have managed to get some sewing done. And to add to the mix, I bought a used embroidery machine and have been playing with that the last couple of days.

Speaking of the embroidery machine, I do have to share a "Good Hubbie" story. About a month ago I decided it was time to upgrade sewing machines. I really want to acquire a Bernina with a stitch length regulator. So after doing some general research, I broke it to Hubbie that it was going to set us back over $2K. I requested it as my birthday present (for the next 10 years!). I dropped it after his initial shocked reaction. I figured it would take some time to get his mind around the cost (frankly I am still trying to get my mind around it). Days later the used embroidery machine popped up on the radar. I got it for a bargain! After I agreed to the deal with the seller, Hubbie says,"I was going to tell you to go ahead and buy your sewing machine for your birthday. I know it's expensive, but you really enjoy quilting and you deserve it." Now I know that the man I married is wonderful, but sometimes he shows too much of that Y chromosome and can be such a boy. But here is one of the many examples of why I love him so much. He does listen and support me. In my book of nice Hubbie things this ranked up there with the time he recorded the movie "Rebecca" for me because,"When I was looking for things to record I saw it was coming on and know it's one of your favorite movies." Good Hubbie!

Finally I promised many many posts ago to put up some pictures of the Munchkins' artwork. Here they are:

The oldest Matisse inspired creation

The youngest munchkin's self portrait (minus the green swimming goggles)

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quiltu said...

we will be chatting! I want to know all about your embroidery machine!!
And, the art work is fabulous!
Grammy Kathy