Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sometimes, Hubbies can be so cute!

So just had to post this....I constantly tease my Hubbie, who is very technically savvy, works in IT, yada yada yada, that I had a blog before him and that I actually update my blog regularly. He knows the name of my blog and sometimes reads it (so naturally there are some things I can't reveal here...maybe a should start a secret blog...hmmmm). Anyway, we were sitting on the sofa watching tv and I realize he's online using my laptop. The next thing I hear is,"Oh, a 'GOOD' Hubbie story, I like those." He was excited that this time instead of being a foil to my plans he actually was getting props. He was so cute as he read my entry. The women who are part of my life often only hear the BAD Hubbie stories (in fact it was only a few weeks ago I was drinking very big, very expensive margaritas and explaining in great detail Hubbie's shortfalls), so I try to make a concerted effort to also share an occasional GOOD Hubbie story from time to time. They can't be all bad, all the time, right?

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