Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to the real world...kinda

First let me say, I've been back in my own house almost 48 hours and I have to say no matter how beautiful, how wonderful vacation is, for me "There's no place like home." That being said, my kitties were so happy to see me. Hubbie and I have been enjoying life as a "childless" couple. The girls stayed at the beach with my parents, sister, and niece for another week. Of course, even though we're enjoying our time alone, I miss the Munchkins....but as I've been told by both via phone, "We're having a great time, Mommy." Tomorrow I return to work and I thought a revisit to another "back from vacation" posts would be appropriate.

I kept my promise and sewed Sunday. The Boss Lady's Bulldog quilt is half quilted. I fought with my embrodiery machine, it needs a new needle, but I'm determined to play with it anyway. Hubbie and I have played tennis twice and Wimbledon started today, Roger Federer, MEOW!

Oh, and I finished Twilight in a day and a couple of hours. And now I'm half way through the sequel. Loved the book (thanks Shannon)! It was a page turner! I can't wait for the movie. Between the action, love story, and vampire mythology it was right up my alley.

Finally a couple of funny observations from my vacation. First my father telling me how to open the gas tank on his vehicle (we switched cars).

Dad: First, turn the car off. (Obviously his car is unlike every other car I've ever put gas into and let run as I pump.)
Me: Ok, done that. (trying not to be too much of a smart ass, saved that for the blog)
Dad: Next, make sure that the car is in Park. (I guess that's been my problem with the car rolling forward all these years at the pump)
Me: Ok, done that.
Dad: Now get out of the car and go to the tank and press the right side of the tank cover door. (the real piece of info I needed)

And then next, driving through downtown Pensacola I saw this sign and had to take a picture, yes you could say that my mind was in the gutter, but really.....
It was for a Subway store, but call me crazy but there may have been a better way to advertise sandwiches!

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Shannon said...

Just how far does everyone think those stimulus checks will go?! We used most of ours to pay our property taxes. M used the rest on essentials I think. I'll have to ask if he bought any subs. If he did, I know he didn't buy me one. We might have gone to McDonald's together, but experiences like that are SO forgettable.

Welcome Back!