Friday, June 13, 2008

Beach Bound!

Finally, after weeks of saying repeatedly, "Soon. We'll be leaving for the beach soon. No not this weekend," it's finally here. Tomorrow, squirrely early, Bullseye, the big red van, will be rolling south towards the beach. So before I left I thought I'd put up a nice long post to keep my 4 or 5 avid readers satisfied until I return. Although, Hubbie is a computer geek, so most likely the laptop and purchased wireless internet access will keep us connected to the outside world. So you might get to see pictures of me sipping a vodka tonic on the balcony!

We've settled into our summer routine, and I actually found some time to do some sewing this week. The oldest Munchkin joined in and finished her cousin's quilt!

Yes that is a Hello Kitty sewing machine. I picked it up last August at the AQS Nashville show. Let me just tell you, that little machine purrs like a kitten. I swear it's almost quieter than my machine. It's a Janome and it only runs at one speed no matter how hard she pushes the pedal. It's been a very good learning tool.

So that's the Munchkin's progress, here's mine. First, Sunday I taught my first class. OK maybe technically not a class, only one student, but I taught(go Kristin, GO!). She wanted to know how to make the curved pieced art quilt. So while she worked I worked. One lesson I learned....don't sew after a Saturday night full of fun at your best friend's house playing Wii fit and drinking vodka tonics. But here's what I got accomplished.

When I get back to this and ready to think I'll be adding the stay tuned.

After having to think entirely to hard on that one, I did more hourglasses. Finished on set of 64 blocks, only five more sets to go. I love how this block comes together. It is so relaxing. I have a stash of other 5" squares....maybe a scrap quilt in my future....
I couldn't resist laying them out and auditioning them. Oh how lovely they will be when they're done. I got some chocolate brown fabric that will make a lovely outer border, now I'm on the hunt for a green and blue for two inners.

Of course, quilt squares left on the floor only meant one thing....

So there we go, what's been happening in my world. I also joined Quilting Bloggers. I found a blog of a quilter in Germany. Of course, totally in German, and I can even understand most of it. Do I dare leave a comment??? Maybe...and I found a new blogger friend Shannon (hey Freckles)! I'll be adding her blog to my Places I like to Visit list...sounds like we may be kindred spirits.


quiltu said...

Have a lovely vacation! We might have to procure another sewing machine this year at Nashville!!!
Grammy Kathy
love your quilts

Shannon said...

I am so jealous that your daughter sews.

I love the pink quilt. Can I take an online class? The Hour-Glass is sweet, too.

You should sew read Twilight. It may be Y/A, but I'm that at heart and childhood never has to end in your heart.

Thanks for the mention!

Sincerely, shannon